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The Power of Intention: Most Don’t Do It Right…Here Is How You Do It

The Power of Intention: Most Don’t Do It Right…Here Is How You Do It

As human beings there is undoubtedly a strong desire to rise, to become, and ultimately lessen suffering and, whether we recognize it or not, it is all fueled by the innate desire to reach our most-actualized-self. As humans we are capable of so much. The innate potential within each one of us is nearly limitless.

I want to share a discovery that has changed my life. Over the past decade I have pursued healing, growth, and consciousness evolution with a serious mindset. I had reached a point at the age of twenty when I was ready for something more and I was ready to begin the process of taking my power back. I spent the following 10 years pursuing many different healing modalities, lifestyle changes and becoming as self-aware and balanced as possible. I am still in this most likely lifelong pursuit as I believe once you open the door, you can never turn back.

Probably the greatest lesson I have learned on my own path of healing and growth is this: The simplest and most intuitive solution is usually the most powerful. This brings me to intention. Not the Law of Attraction, but INTENTION. I think the distinction is quite important, albeit subtle.

My Journey

Over the years I’ve been through low-self-confidence, anxiety/panic attacks, physical health issues and more. Out of everything I have ever pursued in my personal quest for healing and empowerment– intention setting has changed my life the most. When I needed to be better in a relationship, intention setting helped me the most. When I needed to realize my potential and power to overcome an anxiety driven stammer and fear of public speaking, intention setting helped. When I needed the will power to better my diet and change my lifestyle, intention setting helped. When I needed to push myself beyond my comfort zones and combat anxiety, intention setting helped the most.  When I started this company MantraMate and needed to rise above my subconscious beliefs of not being worthy of success, intention setting helped the most, and was actually at the heart of why I started the company in the first place.

The list goes on and on. While other factors were always involved in the embodiment of my true-self, the catalyst was always my intentions.

The difference between setting an intention and bringing something into your life via ‘The Law of Attraction” is this: An intention is a positive affirmation that is rooted in the now, rooted within the self and rooted in the positive. For example, it is about your personal actualization, not about attracting something you are missing or lacking into your life. It is all happening within you. It is merely harnessing the innate energy and the infinite divine power within each one of us to realize and actualize our innate being.  We are already full, it is merely tapping into the source. Rather than the idea of seeking something that is connected to you, but still seemingly outside of you and your life at the moment.

While I would state, and many others would agree, that there are some overlaps between the two… If anything, intention setting is more substantive and tangible as well as a pre-requisite to the Law of Attraction, while the LOA is a more ethereal spiritual idea.  While intention is not a new concept, the idea that it must be done in a particular way to harness its potential, is relatively unknown.

I think an intention must be looked at as a powerful concoction of words and beliefs that if aligned within the right algorithm, is not unlike a customized key to a customized locked door.

How to set and activate an intention to unlock the door:

  1. An intention, most importantly, must be rooted in the positive, not the negative. For example:

“I want to be fearless” is an example of an intention that is missing all of the algorithmic ingredients to make it work.

Error 1: It must be set in the here and now. “I AM” not “I WANT”. I want implies something is missing and implies a constant futuristic need.

Error 2: It must be set in something positive. Not negative. Saying you “don’t want something” aka to be fear-LESS, is negative. To say “I am courageous” is positive.  The goal is not to release something, the goal is to embody something. To actualize wholeness, not to become less of.


  1. You have to repeat the intention as if you were reciting a mantra. It can be once a day, multiple times a day, or multiple times in a row. It is critical to the process that you wholeheartedly believe the intention and that you are 100% sure you want this intention for your life at the moment. Any subconscious or conscious doubt will ensure that the intention is sabotaged and does not become actualized. In order for an intention to bring the energetic power you are looking for, you must be fully-committed to it without any doubt in your being, whatsoever.


At the end of the day I truly believe we are capable of shifting from a shared global victim mentality, passed down from thousands of years of dense emotions and oppression, and tapping into the innate infinite source of empowerment which is within and available to all of us.


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