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The 21st Century Mantra: What It Is & How It Can Change Your Life.

The 21st Century Mantra: What It Is & How It Can Change Your Life.

What is a mantra?

Mantras have a long and varied history dating back more than three thousand years. Both Hinduism and Buddhism have records of some of the earliest mantras, although many other schools of thought speak of mantras as well. In fact, mantras today have a much more broad definition, but certainly just as much trans-formative power.

Originally, “mantra” referred narrowly to a single word, sound, or phrase that was repeated in an effort to clear one’s thoughts during meditation. Perhaps the most well-known mantra is the single word “Om”, considered a sacred sound by Hindu practitioners.

While many religious persuasions use distinct mantras, the term has evolved over time to encompass so much more than a means of spiritual meditation. Today, mantras are considered any sound, word, or phrase repeated in a way that helps bring focus or desired life change. While many mantras have literal meaning, some are simply a sound to be said or sung or thought that can also be trans-formative. They can act as a re-training and re-programming of the mind, body, & soul.

Why use a mantra? 

Since mantras can be utilized for anything from spiritual meditation to personal growth and empowerment, the reasons to use a mantra are limitless. Some social movement slogans could be defined as a mantra, having as its purpose to individually give a reminder of value, and to collectively bring social awareness.

On a more mundane and perhaps more practical level, the modern reasons to use a mantra focus more on personal growth, overcoming adversity, daily reminders and a means to bring mindfulness into everyday living. This broader reason to use a mantra means you can choose or create a mantra designed specifically for your particular purpose. From helping one overcome addiction to helping with confidence, quieting anxiety to healing depression, mantras can be a powerful method to help change your life in any way in which you seek change or embodiment.

Create your own mantra. At it’s most basic, a mantra is a reminder. If you struggle with feeling low self-worth, you might try a mantra such as “I have great value”. When you identify a habit of worry, repeating “I have what I need today” can help. Feeling victimized? How about, “I am strong and safe”.  These are merely examples. Each mantra will have different power for different people.

From personal empowerment to helping change your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, creating your own mantra or choosing the right one, can give you a tangible, repeatable reminder to help you move from intention to manifestation. Come create your own MantraMate and take the next step in transforming your life!

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