Story - MantraMate

The Story of MantraMate


I spent years tattooing intention-based personalized mantras and daily reminders on walls, mirrors, my car, my possessions and yes, even my body. I used mantras on a daily basis to help me heal and grow from anxiety, dependence, depression, physical health issues, and low-self confidence; after that I decided to pay it forward and create a product that could be personalized, customized and interchangeable. A product that could accurately reflect the constant ebb-and-flow of each human beings unique life path, while yes, also minimizing the ‘mantrification’ of all things.

From this seed, MantraMate was born into existence.  It is my gift to you. A way for you to always have at your side a friend to help co-create into existence any changes or intentions you have for yourself, and then be able to switch them out when you need a different reminder. Without getting a new tattoo, scribbling all over your possessions, or buying a completely new product with a new mantra on it.

I wish you peace & success,

Jeremy Scott Lambert

Founder/Chief Mantra Officer